Ramsay Pope - 2011 Recipient

We recently asked AQF Scholarship Program alumni what they had gained and learned when they attended the summer program they received their scholarships for. 2011 Scholarship Winner Ramsay Pope went all the way to London, and was happy to share his experiences with us:

My name is Ramsay Pope and the Anthony Quinn Foundation helped me attend London Cultural Connections, an acting program based in London and Wales. I was attending an arts high school in Boston at the time, and acting was a large part of my life. The program taught me more about London and Theatre in London than I could have hoped to ever learn on my own in Boston.

While it's true the LCC program changed me for the better and advanced my skills as an artist, being awarded a scholarship from the Anthony Quinn Foundation changed me in the same way.

Previous to being an AQF Scholarship recipient, I had never won a single thing in my life. To be honest, when I first sent in my personal information to attempt to win a scholarship from Anthony Quinn Foundation, I was not expecting to be awarded anything - but because I was awarded, not only was I able to travel to Europe, but my confidence was boosted in a way that helped me as an artist. I felt more secure in my decisions both as an actor and as a member of society. It made me believe in myself, and that is something truly overlooked in today's culture.

Confidence is key to success, just as is hard work and effort. In short, the Anthony Quinn Foundation helped me in more ways than I would have imagined- from helping me financially to helping me grow as a person.

-Ramsay Pope (AQF '11)