Caroline Scott - 2013 Recipient at Northwestern University


We reached out to our past scholarship winners and asked them a few questions about how things went for them at their summer programs and how their programs helped them further their artistic abilities. The first of those winners,

Caroline Scott

who attended the National High School Institute at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL shares her experiences below.

How did your program change you as an artist? 

This program has had a profound impact on me artistically. Over the summer, Northwestern taught me what acting is, how to dig deep into my craft, and how to create. I've become so much more deeply involved in what I do- I know now how to dissect a performance, how to truly become a character, how to connect with audiences and fellow performers...I could go on and on. Essentially, Northwestern made me an artist.



Would this experience have been possible without the Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship Program?

No, I would not have been able to attend without the help of the Anthony Quinn Foundation. I am forever indebted to the Foundation for allowing me to take this life changing opportunity.

What advice would you give to a student considering applying for an award?

The most important thing is just to go for it! I applied at the last minute- I found out about the scholarship a week before the deadline, got my things together, and sent in the best application that I could. And it worked! So apply and show your heart. Make your passion apparent in each part of the application, from your writing to your recommendation to your work. Because that's what drives you, and the Foundation will see that!

Would you recommend your particular summer program to another student?

YES! For anyone who wants to be an actor, attend Northwestern's National High School Institute Theater Arts Program. It will change you as a person, transform you into an artist, while having a ton of fun and meeting some amazing people (both fellow participants and the faculty). You will love it, learn so much from it, and take the experience with you wherever you go.



How did the program change or guide you in making decisions about your future?

Northwestern affirmed my passion and my desire to become a performer. The program is  positive and confidence building program. It teaches you that, with passion and dedication, you truly can succeed in this business as evidenced by the amazing faculty. It showed me the incredible community that theater fosters- every single person was an equally passionate, very loving and caring actor who just loved what they did and loved sharing that with you. My experience at Northwestern this summer will propel me into and throughout my career, and I just can't wait to get started!