About the Program

Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarships

The Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship Program was established to commemorate Anthony Quinn’s contribution to the arts and support his vision for an art conscious society. The Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to high school students who wish to attend a recognized pre-college, or summer intensive arts education program.



The application period is now closed and will reopen again in October 2019.

Review Process

Judging panel will be made up of practicing artists, art educators, and experts in the various fields of focus.  Judges are completely independent from the Foundation’s board/staff, and are geographically dispersed throughout the United States.


Award Amount

The Foundation makes an effort to distribute the funds evenly across all artistic disciplines. The maximum scholarship award is $2,500. Since the tuition costs of many summer intensive programs can exceed this amount, we encourage our applicants to plan for and to seek partial funding from other sources.  



The Scholarship Program is an annual competition for high school students seeking funding to attend summer intensive arts programs. Applicants must demonstrate exceptional talent, dedication and a strong commitment to personal artistic growth.

The Scholarship Program focuses on the Literary Arts, Media Arts (Film, Photography, Animation, Anime and Computer Graphics), Performing Arts (Dance, Theater, Singing, Instrumental) and the Visual Arts & Design.  Scholarship recipients can apply Foundation funds to any recognized pre-college or arts education program.

Funds awarded will be sent directly to the arts education program designated by the student. The Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship cannot be used for secondary school or college tuition. Past Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply again. 

How to Apply

The application period runs from October through January each year. All applications must be submitted via the Foundation's online submission process.

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1. Letter of Recommendation

  1. Recommender:  The recommender is the person whom the applicant chooses to endorse their candidacy for the Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship and to write the letter of recommendation (500 words or less). The recommender can be a teacher, advisor, or other adult mentor outside the applicant’s family. The applicant must provide the recommender’s name and email address and a request for the letter of recommendation will be sent directly from the Foundation.

2. Artistic Statement

Applicants must submit a personal statement answering the following questions (500-750 words):

  1. What is the applicant is passionate about, and why this particular program the applicant is applying to, is important to them?

  2. What does the applicant hope to accomplish during the program and expect to gain from this program’s instructional experience?

4. Supplemental Material

  1. Personal Email Account:  The applicant must have an active, personal email account (not a parent’s; nominator’s; recommender’s). This is our only way of communication with the applicant. If we attempt to contact the applicant and the applicant does not respond within the time period specified on the communication, the application will be withdrawn. The applicant must keep the Anthony Quinn Foundation informed of any changes to their personal email address. Please note:  If you use your school email address, our confirmation email may end up in your spam folder.  Please make sure to add the Anthony Quinn Foundation to your "safe senders" list.

  2. Parent/Guardian Form: The applicant must provide us with the name and email address of your parent or guardian, if you are less than 18 years of age.

  3. Work Samples: A short resume illustrating past work and achievements including samples of your work. If:

  • Literary Arts:  The applicant must submit up to three PDF writing samples limited to one page each that characterizes the applicant's work.  

  • Media Arts (Film, Photography, Animation and Anime, Computer Graphics):  The applicant must submit between eight and twelve JPEG images or up to three YouTube video samples, no longer than three minutes each that characterize the applicant's work. Please submit for images:  title; media, size of work; For YouTube video samples: title, author, the character you are portraying, if applicable.

  • Performing Arts (Dance, Theater, Singing and Instrumental):  The applicant must submit up to three YouTube video samples no longer than three minutes each that characterize the applicant's work.  Please submit the title; choreographer, author, composer; the character you are portraying, if applicable. Please note:  Audi-only submissions will not be considered.

  • Visual Arts & Design:  The applicant must submit between eight and twelve JPEG images that characterize the applicant's work, each one must be labeled with: title; media; size; and date it was completed.

Funding Requirements

The Anthony Quinn Foundation awards a maximum of $2,500.  Based on the requested amount and the overall cost of the program, the Anthony Quinn Foundation may award full the amount requested or partial funding. 

  1. Funds must be applied directly to a recognized pre-college, or summer intensive arts education program identified by the applicant.

  2. Funds will go toward one program – not multiple programs. Changing the program could affect the outcome of the application. 

  3. Funds awarded are sent directly to the arts education program of choice, not to the recipient.

  4. Funds must be expended by December 31st of the year in which the funds are awarded.

  5. Funds may not be used for currently attending programs, previously attended programs, private instruction, secondary school, college tuition, or travel expenses. Furthermore, the nominator and/or the recommender may not be the instructor or be the recipient of the Anthony Quinn Foundation scholarship funds.


Recipient Requirements

Scholarship recipients will be required to submit the following:  

  1. Scholarship recipient must provide proof of acceptance to their program of choice. If the applicant was not accepted into their program of choice, changing the program could affect the outcome of the application.

  2. Scholarship recipient must pay the non-refundable deposit fee, if applicable, and submit proof of payment to the Anthony Quinn Foundation.

  3. Scholarship recipients must show proof of acceptance into the program, and that any remaining balance has been paid by the recipient.

  4. Scholarship recipients must provide the deadline by which the tuition is to be paid and request an invoice from their program to be submitted to Laura Browne: laura@aqfoundation.org  

  5. Scholarship recipients will be required to complete a post program, follow-up survey. 


Anti-Discrimination Clause and Behavioral Standards

The Anthony Quinn Foundation does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity, color, religion (creed), national origin (ancestry), gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, military or veteran status, political beliefs, height or weight in any of the Anthony Quinn Foundation Scholarship processes or in its operations. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all the applicants, The Board of Trustees, our staff, volunteers, subcontractors, and vendors.

Plagiarism is defined, but not limited to, submitting work done by another person or failing to cite another person’s ideas; failing to properly place quotation marks on borrowed sentences or phrases and not appropriately documenting notes and bibliographic references.