Founder's Message

Katherine Quinn

I spent 16 years of my life with my late husband, Anthony Quinn. Through our experience together, I learned how creativity is part of everyday life. No matter where we traveled, from the most luxurious to the most basic places, Tony saw beauty and art in the simplest things — and in the people who made their small part of the world more beautiful. A simple flower arrangement; the way pictures hung on a wall; the care with which a tree was pruned.

Creativity is not just genetic. Creativity can and should be taught — and nurtured throughout one’s life. The arts uniquely open avenues of learning and understanding. Yet, arts education is in crisis throughout the world. As budgets decrease, the arts programs are always the first to suffer.

I established the Anthony Quinn Foundation to raise and distribute funds for arts scholarships. We draw inspiration from Anthony Quinn’s singular journey, where from an early age the arts enriched his life. Throughout, he seamlessly moved between film roles and across cultures as an actor who made art and an artist who made films.

As the cornerstone in its vision, mission and values, the Anthony Quinn Foundation embraces creativity and the arts not only for their entertainment but for their central purpose in growth and development.

Katherine Quinn

Founder and President
Anthony Quinn Foundation