Update from 2014 AQF Scholarship Recipient Greer Hutchinson

We recently received this update from 2014 AQF Scholarship Recipient Greer Hutchinson:

"I wanted to take some time to reach out and express again my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the award you presented me with to study this last summer. Hubbard Street was absolutely amazing! I learned so much about myself as an artist and the dance world.

I am in the process of auditioning for colleges to attend as a BFA student in dance. I will notify you of my final decision once audition season comes to an end. I am attempting to work through a severe reoccurrence of Achilles tendinitis but going through a very rig our physical therapy routine and hope to return to normal very soon.

I wanted to reach out to remind you of my greatest appreciation for everything you all do for all of these young artists. I can't wait to see the new round of recipients this year and can't wait to see you all at the reception this summer!  Thank you, Greer Hutchison"

Thanks for the update, Greer!