Spero Presents: Sunset on South Beach Gala

Hosted this year at Boston’s Benjamin Franklin Institute, all proceeds from Sunset on South Beach Gala will benefit The Anthony Quinn Foundation, created to administer programs to advance the idea that art is essential to learning and the enrichment of the mind. Screenshot 2014-11-12 15.32.18Founded in 2004 by a group of close friends, Spero Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of youth in New England. Now, Spero has grown into a group of dedicated committees and supporters all striving for a common goal. Each year, Spero chooses a youth charity/non-profit to sponsor, then plans and hosts events to raise funds for that particular organization. At the end of the calendar year Spero donates all money raised. To maximize the size of our donation, no member of Spero receives any compensation for their work. To date, over $150,000 combined has been donated to youth organizations throughout New England.

The Anthony Quinn Foundation is grateful to Spero Inc. for selecting selecting it as the beneficiary of this year's event. Click here to learn more about Spero Inc.

Spero Presents: Sunset on South Beach Gala The Benjamin Franklin Institute 41 Berkeley Street Boston, MA 02116 Saturday, November 15th

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